The Pursuit of an Effervescent Life

Three days ago, I had a revelation.

Like most revelations, it didn’t occur at the most convenient of times. It was at a level crossing, one of the 60 most dangerous in Australia, according to the sign on the adjoining fence. I was waiting for a train to pass so I continue my second commute of the year to the badlands that is Melbourne’s outer-north. I had just returned from a blissful European sojourn and felt restless. As I sat with my foot hovering over the accelerator, knowing I had another thirty minutes of traffic to battle through, I decided that this was not the existence for me. However, I knew that unless I wanted this existence to remain the same, I would have to do some hard work.

It was time to start that literary journal I had always dreamed of.

After a few hours of brainstorming my personal project instead of *working*, I came up with Effervescence Journal , a lit-blog for people who fizz too much for this flat world. The logo would be a gin and tonic, my signature drink and something that I always jokingly vowed to include in my life as a writer. Well, they do say be careful what you joke about, because it just might happen.

I have big dreams for this blog as a cornucopia for all things literary. Look out for reviews, critiques, personal essays and a range of edgy (short and long-ish) fiction.

So enjoy the content, and don’t forget to always have a gin and tonic (or any highball cocktail of your choice) at hand and a nice collection of jazz records to read along to.

Effervescently yours,

Catherine McLean

Founder of Effervescence Journal