Effervescence Journal is a Melbourne-based literature and culture blog for buoyant bon vivants and gin still degenerates to revel in edgy writing. Best enjoyed in a leather armchair with a fine highball cocktail in hand and jazz records playing in the background.

About the writer:

Armed with a pot of black coffee, a nice pen and a west-facing room, Catherine McLean writes what she hopes to be crystalline sentences that tantalise the senses.

She spends her summers on the beautiful cusp of reality and fantasy, where she takes a lot of day trips, cooks, tends to her herb garden and speaks to her cats.

Her winters are spent at home reading, taking contemplative baths and occasionally a foray to the pub for wine and impassioned debates.

When she’s not being fabulous, Catherine is a marketing and communications professional moonlighting as a writer, editor and all round semi-okay person.